A platform for change

Our aim is to ensure native populations of countries rich in natural resources benefit from those resources in ways that not only enhance their wealth but also their standard of living, access to amenities, education and health.

The Problem

Over 45,000 miners have died since 1984 in Africa, with 29% having less than Grade 5 education and 57% earning less than $200 per month. By any standard this is unacceptable.

The Solution

Initial investment in process and safety coupled with monitoring and education through Acqumine's platform will increase productivity and profits while enhancing workers' safety and skills.

Investment Opportunities

Acqumine has many distinct USPs and will be the first commodities system developed that enables ethical miners to command a premium which rewards them for social, fiscal and environmental responsibility.

Acqumine Limited is a UK company that has positioned itself by coupling blockchain – the world’s most important emerging technology – with the world’s most technophobic industrial sector – the developing world extractive industry.

We have a three-milestone development plan whereby we will build a blockchain based software platform which will enable ethical miners to attract more customers and to command a premium for their products. Acqumine will then use its knowledge of their processes to help them mine more profitably.

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